Fahrenheit 451 Book Vs Movie Essay

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Films that are based off books create a scene for the audience while bringing the words on the paper to life. They usually address the same issues as the original content, but adds additional details to stand out from the book. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a book that was transformed into a movie in 1966. The book and film discuss similar themes such as censorship, dystopian society, and propaganda, but does different work with the same story of books being destroyed in a society. This is especially true when considering how the film introduces new ideas, eliminates characters, and changes important scenes from the book. Moreover, the film introduces a new ending to the storyline. In the book, the main character, Guy Montag, seeks the …show more content…

Technology taking over mankind is a huge issue in the storyline. Montag’s wife, Mildred, represents one of the many individuals whose lives were being consumed by television and virtual families. In the book, Montag’s house consisted of three parlor walls that were covered with screens, which was not enough for Mildred leaving her wanting a forth wall. The idea of wanting a forth wall would have boxed Mildred in and unconnected her from reality. However, the film shows a flat screen TV on one of the walls, which does not show the impact of technology. The film failed to include the main cause of Montag’s marriage failing and life being bland. Although the film failed to include important details from the book, it still told the story of Fahrenheit 451. After examining how the film introduced new ideas, eliminated characters, and changed important scenes from the book, it is clear that a film can tell the same story of a book with different work. The book’s several messages, such knowledge being indestructible, was received in the film. Overall, the film and book shared the outcome of a dystopian society allowing propaganda and censorship to not only take over the world, but their thinking

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