Aphorism: Similarities Between Book And Film

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There are several distinct differences, as well as similarities, between the TWM book and the TWM movie. The main differences between the book and movie are Mitch and Janine’s relationship, the order and the location of the topics discussed, and Mitch’s job did not go on strike in the book. The main similarities are the aphorisms, the tape recorder, and the topics discussed.
One main difference is Mitch and Janine’s relationship. In the book, they are married and have a healthy relationship, but in the movie, they are not married and fight often. They break up in the movie, but eventually get married. A big portion of the movie’s plot is about Mitch and Janine’s relationship. In the book, Janine was only mentioned on the tenth Tuesday, when …show more content…

In both the movie and the book, Morrie comes up with aphorisms with his time. Some aphorisms mentioned in the book and movie include “When you’re in bed, you’re dead,” “Love always wins,” “When you learn how to die, you learn how to live,” and “Love each other or perish.” Another similarity is the tape recorder. Mitch’s visits with Morrie are recorded with a tape recorder in the book and movie so Mitch can remember Morrie’s voice when he dies. The topics discussed in the book and movie are the same, as well. Mitch makes a list of topics he wants to discuss. These topics include death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life. Also, in the book and movie, there is a living funeral for Morrie. Morrie’s and Mitch’s nicknames of “Coach” and “Foodman” are the same in the book and movie. Another similarity is Mitch’s and Janine’s jobs. Mitch is a sports journalist and Janine is a professional singer. The hibiscus plant is also seen in the movie, as well as the book. Morrie’s goal of making Mitch cry is mentioned in the book and movie. In the book and movie, Morrie succeeds at making Mitch cry on their very last visit, when Morrie’s final days have arrived. Another similarity is the date of Morrie’s death sentence and death. Morrie’s death sentence is the summer of 1994 and he dies on a Saturday morning in the book and movie. He is buried in his ideal place, a grassy area on a hill beneath a tree. Another similarity is Morrie’s traits. In the book and movie, Morrie loves to eat and dance. Overall, the movie and book are very similar, except for order of

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