Frankenstein Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Mary Shelly;s bookFrankentien is a well known piece of literature.Although it was controversial at its time, it has become a famous piece of literature ha even had had several movie made about it.While there have been a lot of movies produced, most of them do not follow the original plot. The 2004 hallmark version of Frankenstein follows the book relatively close, having a lot of things in common with the book, but, it also has a lot of differences.The movie adds more modern day elements, drama, and the possibility of a sequel while the book just tries to tell a story. One of the biggest difference between the book and the movie was the inclusion of dogs. In the book, there were no dogs mentioned, while the Frankenstein family had a og in …show more content…

When the onter first woke up in the book,Victor stared at him in horror and ran away, while in the movie, Victor passed uet and started to beat the monster when he woke up, Another example is in the scene when the monster confronts victor and tells him his life story. In the book, Victor was mad at the monster and tried to punch him. The movie has Victor bringing a gun to the fight with the monster.The monster and Victor then get in fight after Victor is disarmed and the monster threats to kill him after almost knocking him out. The movie was probably more violent just to make it seem more dramatic to people. The biggest difference between the movie and the book was the ending. In both versions, Victor did and Walton meet the monster, but in the movie version, the rest of the crew saw the monster too. As a result, the book had a more mysterious tone compared to the movie. ANother difference i that the monster took Victor's body with him when he disappeared. Also in the movie, he did not tell Walton that he was going to go kill himself and burn his remains. Hallmark probably did this to hint that there could possible be another sequel.The book ending had an ending that was similar to books around that time

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