Of Mice And Men Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Compare And Contrast Of The Of Mice And Men Movie And Book Of Mice And Mice is a great story. The story has many great lessons and themes. We can learn from these teachings throughout the story and put them into our own lives. The captivating plot keeps us interested during the course of the story, and they decided to create a movie about it too. The movie is just as intriguing as the book itself, but in different ways. In both the book and the movie, there are a lot of similarities but also some differences we see. The characters from the book act mostly the same in the movie. Lennie still has a mental disability and George is strict, but still loves Lennie. George looks how I thought he would, but Lennie looks older than I expected. …show more content…

One difference I noticed is that when George, Lennie, and the workers were working in the field, one of the workers commented on how strong Lennie was, and that they couldn’t keep up with him. They probably added this in the movie to prove to us just how strong Lennie was. Another difference is that instead of blaming Curley’s wife about the ruined dream, George just cries about it. At the end of the story, Lennie did not have hallucinations in the movie. They probably cut that out because it would’ve looked cheesy. We don’t get Lennie’s point of view in the end of the story either. George doesn’t hesitate when killing Lennie in the movie, whenever he was shaking when he killed Lennie in the book. George never steers Curley and the men in the wrong direction when they were searching for Lennie. Lastly, at the end of the story, George doesn’t have interaction with the men after he kills Lennie. Instead, he had a flashback of him and Lennie, and he was sitting in a train alone. In the book, Curley’s wife sounds rude and mean, but in the movie, they take a more sympathetic approach, and she sounds nice. In both books, the plot and characters are mostly the same. There are a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences in the story

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