Rodman Philbrik's Freak The Mighty

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The novel Freak The Mighty By Rodman Philbrik is a realistic fiction story about two boys who are in middle school and become best friends. They go on crazy made up adventures. They each have a story to them like who they are today. There names are Max and Kevin. The book was published in 1993. The movie was released in 2011. There are multiple similarities and differences between the book and the movie. If you take a look at the book and the movie of Freak the Mighty you would spot that there are many differences like at the end when Max ran to the laundry place in the movie with bare feet but in the book Max runs to the hospital instead. Blades group was called “The dog house boys” in the movie, the book didn’t even have a name for them. The fourth …show more content…

In the meanwhile the movie didn’t have a scene where Killer Kane choked Max only Lorreta. There are tons of similarities from the book and movie Freak the Mighty. Some examples was when Max and Kevin watched the fireworks at the fair. Second reason is when Blade and his group tried to chase Max and Kevin with a knife and chased them towards pond, but Blade kept getting stuck in. Plus the book and movie was told in first person. All of the characters name and there acting parts were the same in both the movie and book like grim, gram, Gwen, Loretta, Iggy, Kevin, Max, and Killer Kane. Lastly the theme was the same which was to face your fears, have HOPE, live life to the fullest. In conclusion, there are multiple comparisons and differences from the book and movie Freak the Mighty. Although the theme to have hope was still visible in the book and movie. Overall, the book was better than the movie because it has more details and more dramatic and leads you to want to read on and find out more chapter after chapter. Everyone should read the book because a lot of emotions, action, and mystery just a bit of

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