Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Comparative Review From Book to Screen

Name: Londyn Frazier

Picture earth hundreds of years from now. A world where technology is a key part of daily life and where space was easily accessible. Now mix that image with children fighting aliens and you have the hit novel, “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. This book was published in 1985 by Tor Books, but didn't become a hit until the following year. The story is about a young genius named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, who was sent off to a galactic school called the Battle School. It was there that he learned war strategies and tactics to defeat the villains referred to as the buggers. A movie was later adapted from this novel in November of 2013, and was a big success, although, the producers …show more content…

The book seemed to develop characters better than the book. Take Petra for example. She was so well developed in the book, but the movie didn't build up her character as much. The book states, “"Relax," she said. "I'm not an officer." "You're a toon leader, aren't you?"
Someone nearby snickered.
"Whatever gave you that idea, Wiggin?" "You have a bunk in the front."
"I bunk in the front because I'm the best sharpshooter in Salamander Army, and because Bonzo is afraid I'll start a revolution if the toon leaders don't keep an eye on me. As if I could start anything with boys like these." She indicated the sullen-faced boys on the nearby bunks.
What was she trying to do, make it worse than it already was?
"Everybody's better than I am," Ender said, trying to dissociate himself from her contempt for the boys who would, after all, be his near bunkmates.
"I'm a girl," she said, "and you're a pissant of a six-year-old. We have so much in common, why don't we be friends?"”. This dialogue represented how kind and welcoming Petra is. The movie on the other hand, didn't mention these lines when Ender and Petra first met. Throughout the text, Petra’s character builds, while in the movie, it

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