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In the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, the reader comes across a character who is very smart for his age. Ender is only six years old when the reader first meets him. This young boy often refers himself to his aggressive older brother Peter. After hurting some kids that bullied him, Ender thinks to himself, “I am just like Peter. Take my monitor away, and I am just like Peter” (38). This is interesting because later in the book we find out that Peter sometimes threatens to kill Ender and their little sister, Valentine. As the siblings play a game, Peter says, “But someday you two won’t be together. And there’ll be an accident” (43). He was threatening Peter and Valentine. The reader then thinks that Ender does not sound like Peter at …show more content…

The book mentions that there was a battle between humans and buggers, or aliens, earlier on. This school was designed to train kids and to learn how to defeat the buggers if they ever return. Due to extra taxes, parents usually only had two children. The government suggested that Ender’s parents have a third child because their children showed bright characteristics. The government hoped that their next child would be the one that could be a major help in defeating the buggers. This is important because the third child of a family is usually looked down upon. Peter is always making fun of Ender and says, “You’re a Third, turd.You’ve got no rights” (47). So when an officer from Battle School arrives at the door, a prediction can be made that Ender will be chosen and Peter will become jealous. Peter feels like he wasn’t good enough so they had to have a third child to make up for him. This jealousy is like the story of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph, the youngest of twelve brothers, was given a cloak of many colors. His older brothers became jealous of him because they felt like they were looked down upon by their father. Peter, too doesn’t feel appreciated when his younger brother is chosen to go to Battle School over him. This may be the reason for him constantly threatening to kill

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