Miss Peregrine's Home For Size Children By Ransom Riggs

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Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children was written by Ransom Riggs in 2011 and the movie came out in September 30, 2016. The movie was directed by Tim Burton, a very popular movie director. This book is a drama/fantasy book, and these are mostly the type of books I love to read mainly because I love the adventure and the mystery that comes along with it. My favorite character is Emma because I think her power is very interesting, especially in the movie where she makes a ship from underwater full of air. The book is about Jacob and how he is digging into his grandfather’s past and finding out the children he talked about weren’t only real, but also still living, he finds them and falls in love with the same girl his grandfather fell in love with many years before and they have adventures such as trying to save Miss Peregrine from the bad guys. I really liked the book more than I did the movie because it lets you think of your own ideas about how things were, and how people looked. The movie had some bad acting, but it was still good, but towards the end it did seem a little rushed. A lot of things were changed, and some things were emphasized which made them seem cooler and scarier. The number reason I think the book was better is because it …show more content…

In the book Emma, who Jacob falls in love with, can make fire come out of her hands, but in the movie her power is to levitate, this power was a character named Olive’s in the book, but they switched it, which I thought was odd that they would change something so big such as that. In the book Emma and Jacob had a lot more romance then in the movie also in the shipwreck scene instead of her using her breath the clear out all the water, as seen in the movie, she doesn’t even have that power so it’s completely different. Most of the movie seemed to be focused on the kids’ powers, which made it hard to understand what was going

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