Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is about the offspring of poseidon and a mortal, going on a quest with his friends to find Zeus’ missing lightning bolt. The bolt went missing and Percy Jackson is accused of taking it. This is an excellent book that was made into a film. Though the film was good it was very different from the book.

The first difference I saw between the two is the characters. In the book Percy and Annabeth were 12 years old, and Percy was in middle school. In the book, they were 16 years old and in high school. The age difference changed their personalities. For example, Grover was this scrawny awkward kid, but In the movie he is completely different. I prefered the movie's version more because they were older …show more content…

In the movie right before Percy was about to return the lightning bolt, Luke comes in and fights him. In the book, after Percy finishes his quest and goes back to camp half-blood he finds out about Luke's betrayal, and almost dies after Luke's scorpion bites him. This difference was very important because, in the movie the fight scene took up a lot of time so they hard to run to turn the bolt in on time. I like the books idea more, because it is more detailed and the scene in the movie seemed jammed in.

The book and the movie are both really interesting but one is better than the other. The movie is both funny and action packed but the book is more detailed. So I enjoyed the book more. The film forgot a lot of characters and changed many scenes and it really frustrated me. Also in the book you can see more character development. Even though the film was not exactly like the book the director did a great job, and this still is one of my favorite movies.

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief was an incredible book and movie. Though the movie forgot a couple things it was still an amazing film. I would recommend both. All in all, Percy Jackson was a really enjoyable thing to

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