Teens Who Fought Hitler By Lauren Tarshis

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The article,“Teens Who Fought Hitler”, by Lauren Tarshis describes the tragedies that happened during the Holocaust to Ben a Jewish boy, and Ben’s family and all the other Jews which millions perished at the hands of the Nazis including his parents.Ben Kamm lived during one of the most horrific and traumatizing events in world history, the Holocaust.Him and his family lived a normal life but in 1918 was when he would no longer live that life when Hitler and the Nazis invaded Warsaw and sent all Jews to the ghetto then to bring them to concentration camps killing them with gas.However, some of the kids went through holes in the walls joining partisan camps to sabotage the Nazis.Thankfully he survived though the unspeakable and unimaginable challenges …show more content…

In the text it states that “Hitler was plotting a annihilation to come back since World War 1 by offering a scapegoat which was the jewish people.(6) The text also states, “By 1945 the Nazi’s would have killed 6 million jewish men, women and children veya the Nazis and Hitler.(6)Being frightened of your president and having your army go against you when you moved out of their country for being too dangerous to live there with your family. Another challenge that Ben and his family faced was, “Some 400,000 Jews were crammed into the ghetto” and in the text it states, “ Each resident was allotted a tiny ration of food that was barely a tenth of what a person should eat each day” so one thing Ben did was in the text it states, “There were holes in the wall and tunnels that led to the other side. With his blond hair and blue eye’s, Ben blended in easily with the rest of the population. Plus, he had an aunt on the outside. None of her neighbors knew she was Jewish, and she managed to help Ben without attracting suspicion.”(8). These acts show a tremendous amount of courage because Ben could have been shot and killed if he was caught by a Nazi and his aunt would be sent to a death

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