Marion Lazan Holocaust Victims

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The holocaust for a child
“There were gasps and moans, rattling coughs, and short piercing cries. And the ever present stench of unwashed body’s, disease and death.” (Lazan 1). said Marion Blumenthal Lazan, a holocaust victim. This experience and many others like this happened during a time period called the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a time when the German nazi’s massacred millions of Jewish people, Gypsies, Priest, and homosexuals. In the book, Four Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl and Marion Lazan, Jewish, Marion Lazan and her family experienced many hardships and cruelty during the Holocaust. Many times they almost escape to safety but not before they are sent to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Their story shows how although they were shown inhuman treatment they had hope throughout their suffering. …show more content…

For starters, one of Marion’ memories of the Holocaust, was after standing in roll call for hours in the frigid winter the only way to warm up their fingers and toes was to use their urine,(Lazan 69). Another example Is when Marian was 10 years old she only weighed 35 pounds when most American 10 year olds weigh about 90 pounds and her mother Ruth weighed only 75 pounds,(Lazan 95). Marion also states that there were very stick orders they had to follow, many times if there was even the slightest mistake when they were making their bed meant they wouldn’t get to eat for the rest of the day,(Lazan 4). Because of these experiences the Lazan family soon learned that people can be cruel and if they were going to survive they had to stick

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