The Outsiders Book Summary

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S. E. Hinton wrote the story “The Outsiders” in 1967, then in 1986 Francis Coppola made a movie by the same title based off of S.E. Hinton’s book. In this short summary I will be examining how Francis Coppola interpreted the book. We will be looking at things that are the same, and things that are different. The stories take place in New York in the 1960’s. There are two types of people in the stories, Greasers and Soc’s. The Greasers are from the dirtier, poorer part of the town; while the Soc’s are from rich families with large houses in the more expensive, well kept part of town. The three main characters are brothers. The oldest brother is named Darry, then comes Soda Pop, and then Ponyboy. Ponyboy is the main character who is telling …show more content…

First, I will start out with things that Francis Coppola, and S.E. Hilton both had in their stories. One of the major things that was the same was the outcome of both the movie and the book. Johnny still dies and Dally goes into such a rage that he ends up getting himself killed. Johnny tried to give Dally a message but it was to late so Ponyboy decided to write a book about was happend as a way to remember Dally. Another thing that both stories had was the two different types of gangs. They both showed how much hatred each gang had for each other. Some good examples of this is when Bob tried to drown Ponyboy in a water fountain, or during the rumble between the two sides. Something that I thought they both did well on was the character 's background. They had Ponyboy’s parents dying in a car crash and they made Johnny still be abused by his parents. The last major thing that Francis Coppola and S. E. Hilton did that was somewhat the same was the character’s appearance. They both portrayed Darry as big and muscly, and Johnny was always extremely nervous. They made Ponyboy still have brown hair and they made Soda Pop be wild and

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