The Outsiders Book Vs Movie Essay

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The Outsiders is a great book focusing on loss, grief, and to be strong to move on in life, and the book was eventually turned into a film, however a movie can only be so long. Movies based off books are usually not everything the book was, for instance books let you go into the character’s head and some scenes that don’t further plot have to be cut, however no movie is perfect and neither are books both have to constantly be judged on what makes it on the final product and what doesn’t. Sometimes though people can make the wrong choice. Especially when a book is turned into a movie with the plot being cut or something 's changed to help fit budget or timing. The Outsiders is a great example of this; do to entire scenes being taken out and some things are changed. Something 's ranging as small as different hair color too scenes that give of very important character development they all changed.

The Outsiders movie from book was changed quite drastically from the book. There are settings and some miscellaneous things completely changed. Sodapop ,Ponyboy’s brother, is blond in the book it even states it, however though …show more content…

The movie just feels like a different story that way, but they did keep the story of Dally and his legacy mostly the same, and with all the characters the same it almost feels like the same rowdy crew on a new adventure, but it still doesn’t help that so much was warped and cut. They are the same story just the movie is just the story of Dally while the book goes into it a bit more, and shows how his choices affected his friends and how they eventually got over it. It just cut to Johnny’s note to Pony and he just started writing. It all eventually just turned into a slap in the face, but no movie can live up to the original do to everything that has to happen even to get a movie going and recording, and The Outsiders is one of the best examples of

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