The Outsiders Differences Between Book And Movie

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If you have ever read a book and watched the movie you know that there are always differences and similarities. The Outsiders is a book by S.E. Hinton. It is about a young fourteen year old greaser named Ponyboy who goes through many challenges with his gang Two-Bit Mathews, Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Steve Randle and his brothers Sodapop and Darry Curtis. He is a witness to a murder and runs away with Johnny. Their hideout in Windrixville catches on fire and Ponyboy and Johnny have to rescue several kids. Johnny and Dallas who comes to help them get injured and they go back home to the hospital. After a rumble and a few deaths Ponyboy gets over his trauma and writes his English theme about his story called The Outsiders. This book was made into a movie in 1983. This book is a very good example of a movie with many similarities and differences. It sticks very well to the book but there are several differences as well. The Outsiders has many differences between the book and the movie. …show more content…

Most would hardly bat an eye at them. The book talks about greasers and socs the whole book is based on their relationship which causes the plot of the story. In the book the Greasers come from the south side where they grew up tough in gangs. The Socs lived a privileged life in the North side but still had their problems. The movie made a few tiny changes by switching the sides of town and even though they still grow up the same way it alters the map ever so slightly. In the book Ponyboy steps ot of the movie theater and starts to walk home but gets jumped by five male Socs. This is the beginning of his theme but in the movie it totally skips that part but he still starts his theme that way even though they never mention the theme. It makes it look like he is just writing a

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