The Outsiders Literary Analysis

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The Outsiders Literary Analysis
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a fantastic book, the way Hinton puts society into social classes really represents growing up and how having money affects people. The two main social classes involved in the book are the rich kids Socs (socials) and the Greasers, who are the Outsiders in the book. This novel appeals to the young adult fiction genre, the characters in the book are closely relatable to young adults in ways that instead of presenting a sugarcoated view of the world this novel depicted real life themes and situations. Through exploring themes of violence, social class, conflict and innocence.
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Johnny comes from an abusive home so joining the greasers gives him a sense of protection. I feel as though Hinton put Johnny in this novel to even out the toughness and to show that not everyone is driven by violence. Johnny throughout the novel is advocated by peace. Which is why it is Ironic that he kills a Soc to protect is best friend Ponyboy. After running away with Ponyboy to a church to hide out, they read books like Gone With the Wind which Johnny particularly likes. Hinton put this into the story as a hint of peace after the stabbing of a Soc and Johnny decides to turn himself in. While he is about to turn himself in, the church that they were hiding out in catches fire with children inside. Though Johnny is sensitive and gentle his courage in rescuing the children from the burning church eventually results in his death, he ultimately lands the title of a hero through Ponyboys decision to write the story the Outsiders so that Johnny’s death will not be forgotten.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton will forever be a classic piece of literature and will be read aloud for generations to come. Hinton’s use of themes, symbolism, imagery and use of conflict are what make this novel so special. Hinton’s huge success with this novel landed it a best seller and even got produced into a film. The Outsiders story gives young adults the chance to bond with the characters because the reader may be going through some of the same personal experiences, which is why it is perfect for young adult

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