The Outsiders Differences Between Book And Movie

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This is about the book outsiders compared to the movie. The book Outsiders was written by S.E Hinton. In the movie to the book there are some different events and scenes that happen. I liked how we got to see the movie view to the book view. In the movie if they would have added the key details as they did in the book it would have been even better, but I enjoyed both the book and the movie. There are many similarities between the book and the movie In the book I really liked how the characters were described. It showed their emotion through the look of the character. I also liked how S.E Hinton gave us a really good idea about what the characters looked like .Ponyboy is 14 years old. Ponyboy has long hair as in the movie his hair isn’t very long. He has light brown hair and greenish-grey eyes. Darry is 20 years old. Darry is very protective by not letting his siblings go and get involved in as much. In the movie he is more lenient and doesn't care as much as the book. In the book Darry is six feet 2, he has broad shoulders and is very muscular. He has Dark brown hair and a slight colic in the back. In the movie his hair was a brown color. Although from the book to the movie the main character Johnny wasn't very different. He had his Jet black hair that was heavily greased to the …show more content…

Incase you don't remember the curtis brothers are Darry, Ponyboy, and Sodapop. The relationship between Pony and Soda stay about the same. This just means that not much change occurs between them. The relationship between Darry and Pony is the interesting relationship. During the book Pony doesn't feel like Darry likes him as much as he likes Soda. Pony feels left out from his other brothers. Darry had been left to care for his two younger brothers like a parent, but he was a teenage boy. He feels this way because he feels like Darry is always hard on him. Darry wanted to do his best to see the potential in

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