Nightjohn Film Analysis

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In the movie Nightjohn directed by Charles Burnett their were many differences than the book Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen. The differences are minimal and sometimes would not even be noticed. Most movies would be very boring if they would be the same as the book. In the book all the characters are different than they are in the movie. One character is Mrs.Waller the wife of Clel Waller. Mrs. Waller is a lot more kind in the movie than in the book. Also in the movie Mrs. Waller is shown more. In the next paragraphs I will talk about the similarities and differences from the book Nightjohn and the movie Nightjohn. The main difference from the book and the movie are the characters like Mr. Clel Waller. Mr. Waller is more of a jerk in the movie …show more content…

Waller’s little son. In the book there are many other differences like Sarny getting sold at the end of the movie. In the book Nightjohn was bought for 1000 dollars and in the movie Nightjohn was bought for 50 dollars. Their are many similarities in the book like Delie known as mammy. In the book and movie mammy takes care of Sarny. Also in the book and movie Sarny learns letters from Nightjohn. I liked both the movie Nightjohn and the book Nightjohn. I liked the movie more because the movie more action. By action I mean there was more going on like Mr. Waller going into the church with his rifle. Also the little things that caught my attention like when Sarny screamed after Nightjohn lost his finger and when Mr. Waller made Mrs. Waller slap Sarny. In the book their was less things going on, their was less descriptions, and it was not as specific. I liked the movie more than the book because in the movie you can see how the characters looked. In the movie you can see the kind of person each character is like if they were nice or mean. Also in the movie you could see the pain in a slave’s face after they were whipped or if the got their finger cut

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