The Westing Game Movie And Book Similarities

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Mysteries are a favorite genre around the world, well The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin gave a very good one! The Westing Game holds a lot of things such as clues, mysteries, and other events that occur. The movie has a lot of differences and similarities compared to the book. The book and movie are different but they both have a good mystery in them. The Westing Game book and movie contains many similarities and differences that are worth examining. The Westing Game created by Sam Westing is about a game where Sam is trying to figure out if anyone is smart enough to find his four identities. The way that they find that out is that there are heirs that get paired up into groups of two when they get paired they get a set of clues that can lead the heirs to the answer. This game also contains an answer to the game and also a answer to a puzzle which throws people off. Turtle Wexler leads through both the movie and the book as the main character. The movie and the book for The Westing Game have lots of differences but also a lot of similarities too. …show more content…

One of the similarities character wise is that Turtle Wexler is the main character in both the book and movie. Another way is that both of the winners get money for the prize. Also another main detail is that the way you win the game you win the game by finding Sam Westings fourfourth identitys and you have to do that in both the story and book. Another detail is that when Sandy was dying he winked at Turtle and said this is not the right game your playing. Even though the book and movie and the movie have similarities they also have lots of differences

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