Of Mice And Men Differences Between Book And Movie

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Some similarities of the book and the movie can be in the scenes or the setting. I think there are similarities in the scene because of the way they talk. For example Mr. Tuck said the exact words when he was talking to Winnie at the lake. He talked about the wheel of life and if you drink from the spring you won’t be in that wheel anymore. He also gave Winnie advise from a person who already drank from the spring. He said if you drink from the spring you wouldn’t like it because you wouldn’t grow anymore and life will be super boring. Winnie was also told that if there was a way he can change back to normal he would do it. Another example is when the Tucks meet the man in the yellow suit. This is a similarity from the book and the movie because …show more content…

In the movie, a scene was added to the book, the scene when Mrs. Foster and Winnie go to the bread shop. Another difference in the scene is that the book doesn’t include the scene at the bar were Miles is playing cards with another person. As well as the scene of the campfire and the dancing with Jesse and Winnie. Differences can also be in actions and what the actors say just like when Jesse and Winnie jump into the lake in the movie, and in the book Miles and Jesse jump into the lake, Jesse also tell Winnie the secret and Miles tells the story in detail instead of Mae, they didn’t discuss who takes Winnie to the lake, but in the book they do, the constable doesn’t go with the man in the yellow suit but Mr. Foster and his people do and on the other hand the constable went. Another Jesse never gives the bottle to Winnie but in the book he does, also the man in the yellow suit shoots Jesse with a gun and Jesse shows him he has everlasting life. In the movie Mae AND Tuck go to jail and in the book only Mae goes to jail, the plan of helping Mae AND Tuck get free from jail is different from the movie, finally Winnie doesn’t give the spring water to toad and in book she does. A difference can also be in the setting. For example the outside of the Foster’s home is super neat in the movie but super dirty in the

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