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  • The Outsiders Book Vs Movie Essay

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    The Outsiders is a great book focusing on loss, grief, and to be strong to move on in life, and the book was eventually turned into a film, however a movie can only be so long. Movies based off books are usually not everything the book was, for instance books let you go into the character’s head and some scenes that don’t further plot have to be cut, however no movie is perfect and neither are books both have to constantly be judged on what makes it on the final product and what doesn’t. Sometimes

  • A Narrative Essay On Fear Of Clowns

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    I have always been the adventurous type, I always sneak out of my window that's above my parents room and walk through the forest and lay in the field behind my house. The sky was mesmerizing after dark with the stars and the clouds. Laying on the ground, looking up into the sky, and trying to figure out what object the stars formed is relaxing to me. Almost every day my parents are yelling at my older sister, so I can get away with anything. I could walk out the front door at eleven o’clock at night

  • Marvel Film Analysis

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    Introduction: Marvel Cinematic Universe has been adapted from Marvel comics universe which is of genre science fiction, superhero fiction, fantasy, horror and action. The concept of a super human exists since the age of old literature. Beowulf, the Iliad, the Odyssey, they were all stories of superheroes. A Superhero is someone with extraordinary powers. Marvel universe, despite dealing with science, also deals with supernatural, mystical elements and mythology too which brings out the essence

  • How Does Superman Affect Society

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    Superman; the all-American hero who has lasted for over three quarters of a century (Impact of Superman). It’s nearly impossible for a comic book character to exist that long and not change, and Superman is no exception. In fact, from sporting a mullet to fighting Nazis, he changes a lot. These changes may seem random at times, but they make sense when put under this lens; Superman is just mirroring America. Superman comics have changed to reflect society most notably during Great Depression, WWII

  • Gilgamesh Is A Hero

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    A hero can be classified by many things. A hero can be superman, a police officer, and even your mom, but what makes a hero? Is it someone who can fly or shoot laser beams from their eyes or someone who saves a baby from a burning building? I’ll admit some of these characteristics are far-fetched since I don’t know anyone who can fly or randomly saves babies on a normal day. All heroes, including super ones, all have something in common, they 're admired for their courage or an outstanding thing

  • Dark Night Rises, Batman Unmasked

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    Dark Night Rises, Batman Unmasked Batman, ‘The Masked Crusader', to put it mildly, is an immensely charismatic character. From the time of his introduction in a pure 1939's Detective Comics #27 of six pages, his character has advanced into one of the most intricate and appealing figures not just in funny tales, but as well in the realm of literature. Hilarious graphic book stars are in essence contemporary legends. Their stories have been told time and again, across several generations, by numerous

  • The Inhabited Island: A Literary Analysis

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    Throughout the history of literature, it is clear that some storylines occur more than others. An example of this is the classic hero’s tale; which in western literature has evolved from Greek epics such as the story of the warrior, Odysseus, to American comic-book superheroes like Superman. As a childhood fanatic of these specific style of stories, I am typically inclined to watch any superhero movie that is released. Over the years I have begun to spot out patterns within these movies. After watching

  • Captain Americ The Winter Soldier: Movie Analysis

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    Captain America: The Winter Soldier It is an superhero movie based on the a comic character Captain America produced by marvel and was released on 2014 .It is a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger which was released in 2011 and also a following on from the film The Avengers released in 2012 which features a team of superheroes. The movie stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers aka Captain America , leading a cast that includes Scarlett Johansen as Natasha Romanoff aka the black widow, Anthony

  • Essay On Cosplaying

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    Cosplay, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is essentially the act of dressing up as a character from popular culture, usually a superhero, although the past couple of years have seen a rise in comic book buffs cosplaying as supervillains. The most successful cosplayers often spend days and nights at a time working on one costume, with the most skilled and dedicated creating their outfits from scratch. Perhaps the only people more interested in cosplaying than the cosplayers themselves

  • Solo Sunny Analysis

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    The Legend of Paul and Paula and Solo Sunny were both very popular films in DEFA history, but in a way, feel quite different from each other. The Legend of Paul and Paula, even with occasional dark moments, feels like an upbeat film overall. It is a film where an extraordinary relationship was made between two normal people. In Solo Sunny, the film has a depressing tone and seems, at least on the surface, to focus on someone special: a singer. In what ways were these two films different

  • Alfred Hitchcock Spellbound Suspense Analysis

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    The Suspense and Mystery created successfully by Alfred Hitchcock in Spellbound and Rope When mention about suspense, “Hitchcock” must be the first word appears out in the mind. Alfred Hitchcock produced plenty of films which are suspense and thrilling. In his filmography, Spellbound and Rope were produced in a bit earlier stage. Spellbound is the first batch of film using the topic of Psychoanalysis. Rope is the first experiment film made by Hitchcock. Even though, these two films produce early

  • An Analysis Of The Hero In V For Vendetta

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    The typical American monomyth portrays the image of a superhero starting off a normal life, moving into a supernatural one and becoming an icon which people look up to. They fight off evil villians and so the country feels safe and secure. They “save the world”. This was Joseph Campbell’s opionion on what a superhero was. Nowadays, a superhero rescues a damsel in distress, he saves the world and falls inlove. The question people may ask is, is V in “V for Vendetta” a superhero or a villian. In

  • Stereotypes In Superheroes

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    “The Batman became addicted to steroids after he failed to lift a 632-pound boulder to save a young girl from drowning a bombed sewer(141).” The batman taking steroids unrealistic in superheroes because they are known for being naturally buff and taking steroids causes him to take out his aggression on those that do bad. Another

  • Jim Gordon's Speech In The Dark Knight

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    Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Batman has disappeared since the night of Harvey Dent's death. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent's crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction

  • Kick-Ass Ethical Analysis

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    solved in Superman vs batman Kick-Ass. The answer is simple. Its dangers. Superman destroys blocks abound blocks of a city. And in Kick-Ass were Kick-Ass is meet with plenty of violence when coming into the superhero world in the form of a beating broadcasted online by a crime boss. We all see heroes as these amazing people who do stuff we can’t. They take the law in their own hands. But are the superheroes doing the ethical thing if they are (or are not) doing the legal thing? Batman considering Superman

  • Ambiguity In Batman

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    Christopher Nolan has used different filming techniques developing and portraying Batman as a ‘superhero’ by using things such as lightning and camera

  • Compare And Contrast Spiderman And Wonder Woman

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    Throughout your childhood you may recall two superheroes, Wonder Woman and Spiderman. They have standed the test of time from the 1940s and the 1960s to today, all because of their uniqueness from other characters at the time. They have stood the test of time because of their overall message and characteristics. First of all wonder woman was created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist from Rye New York who was a proud women's right activist who loved his country. In 1941 William wanted to

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder In The Joker

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    regard for the rights, safety, or feelings of others” (109). The 1989 Batman film would not be what it is without the comical and evil Joker. Millionaire Bruce Wayne having witnessed his parents' brutal murdered as a child, fights crime in Gotham City disguised as Batman, a costumed hero who brings justice into the heart of Gotham. A crazed madman calling himself "The Joker" starts taking over Gotham's criminal underworld. Batman must now stand up to his most ruthless

  • The Outsiders Hero Analysis

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    The Hero You’d Least Expect     What do you think of when you hear the word hero? Batman? Superman? Hero's don’t always have superpowers. We all have different characteristics of superheros. When I think of heros, I think of someone who has a voice when it matters, faces danger for others, and has the power to bring people together. In the book, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, Johnny is my pure definition of a hero.     In the beginning of the book, you’d least expect Johnny to be such an amazing

  • Batman Religion

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    On the subject of Batman 's religion, there has been many arguments among his religious beliefs. Bruce is usually portrayed as Episcopalian in the comics, but some other writers like Frank Miller have portrayed him as Catholic, but it wasn 't a question when it comes to saying him as a Christian. It was obvious from sources, like his older comics and animated series, that batman is religious and his parents were religious too. In the comic "Secret Origins #6" (1986), Bruce Wayne, as a child after