Antisocial Personality Disorder In The Joker

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The Joker and his Antisocial Personality Disorder How would you know if someone has antisocial personality disorder? According to Haycock, Dean A., and Emily Jane Willingham, “antisocial personality disorder is a diagnosis applied to persons who routinely behave with little or no regard for the rights, safety, or feelings of others” (109). The 1989 Batman film would not be what it is without the comical and evil Joker. Millionaire Bruce Wayne having witnessed his parents' brutal murdered as a child, fights crime in Gotham City disguised as Batman, a costumed hero who brings justice into the heart of Gotham. A crazed madman calling himself "The Joker" starts taking over Gotham's criminal underworld. Batman must now stand up to his most ruthless …show more content…

According to Korsmeyer and Kranzler, “ASPD is termed dissocial personality disorder (DPD)….to meet criteria for DPD, and individual must have three of the following persistent behaviors: callous unconcern for the feeling of others; gross irresponsibility and disregard for social norms…etc. (182). They are usually quick to exploit others and put themselves at the highest priority.” In the film, the Joker portrays this characteristic in the scene where he takes control over the crime syndicate of Gotham. In this scene the Joker sends in his armed henchmen with their guns pointed at all the members of the crime gang. He shows no regard for the freedom of the members. He forces them against their will and makes them agree to his terms only. The film devices and techniques in this scene of Joker taking over the crime gang, shows the new rules he demands, which emphasizes the characteristic of the disregard for other people’s rights. One film device seen in this scene is camera movement. Camera movement is used to shape meaning and move the audience. The camera trucks in this scene following the Joker around the room as he walks around the board members. This device shows the Joker’s domineering attitude and disregard for the people’s rights. His mind was already made up. He was going to do whatever he wanted regardless of them. Camera shot was also used as a film device in this …show more content…

According to Haycock and Willingham, “The characteristic of antisocial personality disorder is an extreme disregard for the rights of other people. Individuals with APD lie and cheat to gain money or power” (111). People with this disorder frequently lie, cheat, and manipulate to obtain favors or goods.” In this film, the Joker portrays this characteristic in the scene where he manipulates the people of Gotham by giving them money and he even ends up shooting his number one henchmen. The Joker and his henchmen throw money to the people of Gotham while riding on a parade float. The Joker manipulates and tricks the people of Gotham by releasing poisonous gas in the air while everyone was trying to catch the free money. He deceived them as if he was giving them money but he was actually harming their lives. Also in this scene the Joker ends up killing Bob, his number one henchmen. In an earlier scene the Joker told Bob, “…and remember you are my number one guy.” The Joker lied to Bob and used him to do a lot of his dirty work. He made him feel most valuable but later devalued his life by cold heartedly taking it. The personality displayed in the scene where the Joker offers to give away free money to the streets of Gotham help to further emphasize the lying and manipulating characteristic. One film device seen in this scene is low camera angle. Low camera angle is a camera angle that looks up at a

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