Psychopath Annotated Bibliography

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Psychopaths : An Annotated Bibliography Psychopaths are people that have always amused me. The ability to not feel, the ability to be remorseless, and the ability to be heartless. I believe that there is more than one definition to psychopathy, and I will be proving this with my sources. Bate, Carolyn et al. “Psychopathy, Intelligence and Emotional Responding in a Non-Forensic Sample: An Experimental Investigation.” The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology 25.5 (2014): 600–612. PMC. Web. 23 Oct. 2017. This article argues that intelligence and emotions are in no way related to psychopathy. It says that like every human being, psychopaths can think and feel emotions. There has always been an assumption that psychopaths are smarter than non-psychopaths, which makes them more dangerous. This article shows that there has been no convincing evidence that there …show more content…

J. “The Hidden Suffering of the Psychopath.” The Hidden Suffering of the Psychopath | Psychiatric Times, 7 Oct. 2014, This article argues that contrary to popular belief, psychopaths do have feelings, but they do not demonstrate them in the same way non-psychopaths do. According to this article, a serial killer’s explanation for killing people and keeping the dead bodies in his house was that he was lonely and wanted some company. Psychopaths are human beings that have the need to have some sort of physical contact with others. This article also says that once upon a lifetime, every psychopath has felt things in a much greater scale than non-psychopaths, which has contributed to the lack of emotions or remorse later in life. I like this article because it humanizes psychopaths, instead of making them seem like monsters. It also explains that psychopaths are people that have suffered greatly in life, and because of that, have unconsciously chosen to stop caring and stop feeling to avoid getting

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