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Ted Bundy and the Psychology of Sexual Violence

Patricia Sabay

Niagara College

Sexual Violence

Peter Sacco

March 1, 2023

Ted Bundy and the Psychology of Sexual Violence

Sexual violence has existed for many years since humanity learned the values of procreation. However, it is not always highlighted and reported due to many factors, such as fear of retaliation that could lead to death. On the other hand, some victims of sexual violence perish anyway at the hands of their aggressors. Sexual violence constitutes different types, for example, rape (the coercion of sex to a nonconsenting party). Sexual violence could also be molestation (for instance, paedophilic actions), unwanted sexual comments, forced marriages, failed BDSM (bondage, …show more content…

He lured young women and girls and coerced them into having sexual intercourse before murdering them. Some researchers argued that the five-factor model best described Bundy since his psychiatric and mental health were questionable. Bundy was interesting since he was charming on the outside but could easily fool everybody. After all, he was a law student and worked for different politicians then. However, on the inside, Bundy was deceptive and lied to people with ease, characteristics that led some psychologists to consider him a psychopath. Psychopathy meant an individual was socially a predator who used his charm to manipulate people and live life according to their desires, harming others and never feeling remorse. Since these traits best describe Bundy, who lacked conscience and violated all laws and regulations of the community without regret, he was a psychopath. Notably, Ted Bundy's actions were coercive and unwanted, constituting sexual violence. As an individual with antisocial personality disorder, Bundy got satisfaction each time he raped and killed his victims. With Cleckley's analysis, Widiger considers Bundy to have sadism, which best describes his sexual violence behaviour. Â

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