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Topic: Psychopath Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on the characteristic shown by psychopath and common psychopathic behavior Central Idea: Psychopath will sometimes shows unique behavior or characteristic such as speech pattern, abnormal sexual behavior and lack of emotional control. Organisational Pattern: Topical Introduction: Attention, Look around you and look at the person next to you they might be a psychopath. Credibility/Goodwill, After reading about Dr. Harold Shipman I was interested in this subject. Dr. Shipman was a doctor who would kill his patients with no particular reason (Bunyan,2001). This shows that psychopath can be anyone and it is best to be able to identify the signs of a psychopath. The Topic, In this speech …show more content…

Psychopath are fearless and dominance which means that they are charming and a risk taker pair with the lack of anxiety they have no fear about getting rejected. II) ‘Sexual Behavior in Psychopathy’ a) Psychopath will tend to engage multiple relationships which are usually short term i) They don 't love sex but actually they love the powerful feeling they get which boost their egos when they engage in multiple partners. ii) Psychopath has many sexual partners because they can gain access to them at their most vulnerable and take advantage of them. iii) Psychopath also tend to have parasitic lifestyle meaning that they leech off others to make a living due to having low motivation and no self-discipline (Persaud et al, …show more content…

This cannot be found in psychopath ii) This is because psychopath lack empathy meaning that whenever they do something bad or violent they do not feel remorse (Marsh , 2013) b) The brain region that controls emotions does not get activated in psychopath i) insula and cingulate cortex region of our brains are activated when we have emotions or see the emotions of others. ii) Psychopath were told to watch a violent movie and scientist found that the insula and cingulate cortex region that controls the emotions were not activated as much. iii) This means that they aren 't able to feel much empathy causing them to commit such violent crimes (Keysers, 2013). Conclusion: Review: Since we established that psychopath have certain characteristic or traits such as speech pattern, abnormal sexual behavior and lack of emotional control.You will now be able to identify a psychopath End-Statement So, now whenever you walk into a classroom or meet someone new you will be able to identify if they are a psychopath or

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