Lessons Learned From Failure

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Question 2: The lessons we take from failire can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time or incident when you experienced failure. How did it affect you and what did you learn from the experience?
In my life there are many issues that will go away, but will never come back. When this problem occurred , I felt like there was nothing I can do. The problem was that I have had a hard time going out there to make friends. Because since I was little I only had one friend who would hang out with me in school. Then, the years went by she left me in this other group. When that occurred,I felt really depressed. My sister told me that you have to make new friends and she told me be myself. But how could that be possible. Usually in life I …show more content…

This all changed when in middle school in sixth grade when in PE this kid introduced himself. He said that my name is Otis and I was nervous to shake my hand, but eventually My hand shook his. It felt really weird and fun meeting someone new. Since sixth grade, he has told me about himself and he was in my classes that was a relief because I would be with someone I knew. When we would be in PE it would be fun playing and taking in 8th grade we became close friends. Until he moved to Glendora after middle school. Since the first day of middle school me and Otis would hang out during lunch and it would be fun. Because I am not very good at making friends due to my shyness affecting me. It is like what he said friends or family like everyone’s your family. He actually inspired me to go out there and try to meet more people. When it was my first day of school it felt weird going in there and not knowing everyone. Another solution is to face my shyness because my shyness has affected me to not hang out with people. When my friend left to Glendora I felt sad. Because he taught me so much that will not be forgotten. The lessons that I have learned is to go out there and try to make friends. Also another lesson I have to face the issues that cannot affect me in my life or else it will still affect me for a long

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