Character Analysis: The Lesson Before Dying

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In The Lesson Before Dying, there are many instances of racial discrimination and inequality, but there are also several accounts of lessons being taught discreetly. Several main lessons that are taught in this novel is that humans cannot be dehumanized by other people from injustice, accepting your fate, and that change is imperative. For centuries, people have always judged and made their assumptions about a person just by their actions and outlooks on certain subjects. If people degrade each other's opinions, there is no way that the world can truly move on to making new inventions and expanding our knowledge of unknown entities because the public is too busy defending their opinions. It is imperative that people change their ways of making other people feel bad, especially when some are only judging by race or sexuality.
Throughout the book, it is Grant’s mission and job to change Jefferson from a boy to a man. A great example of the changes that have been truly happening to Jefferson is when Gaines wrote, “I been shakin an shakin but im gon stay strong” (292). An important symbolic action can be noticed when Jefferson decided that he would walk to the electric chair like a man, embracing his fate for what it is and not arguing with the …show more content…

These lessons may be hidden, but with enough application towards it, anyone can comprehend and learn from it. Just as injustice, fate, and change are all lessons in this book, they require a thorough reading of it. Worldwide, people should work on helping others, listening to what they say, and try their best to be as pure to the soul as possible. In conclusion, everybody is human, we all have pros and cons that may or may not benefit ourselves and those friends, family, and strangers around us. Summed up, the primary lesson that matters is the fact that we all try our best to become a better person each

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