Explain How Macbeth Relates To Modern Society

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Does Macbeth relate to modern society? This can go both ways, there is some evidence that states it relates to society, and some that does not. Most of the story relates to Society for a good reason. If you have the ambition to get a task done, you would do anything to get it done. Even if you use immoral means to get done. When you use immoral means to get a task done there can be problems. This all relates to Macbeth and his desire to become king. He killed King Duncan so that he could become king. He then became a suspect of killing King Duncan in the story later on. This was the problem of completing his task with immoral means. There is a lesson being taught in the story. I do not know if Shakespeare was intending on making this story into a lesson, but you can make it a lesson. The story teaches you to not use immoral means to get any sort of task done. It can cause many consequences for you. You can get things done without …show more content…

For example, your entire class fails a test and your teacher lets you retake it. Since you already know you did badly on the test, you do not want to fail it again. So you cheat your way out of it. You all finish the test without getting caught. Eventually your teacher will find out you cheated. Your teacher makes all of you retake it for what he has done, and she is going to change the test as well. The problems in this situation are the teacher not being able to trust you anymore, you will get in big trouble, and kids in your class will be mad at you. You not only hurt yourself, but you hurt the people in your class. This all relates to Macbeth killing King Duncan. He had caused a war, and he died. The lesson being taught is to not trying and use unethical means to get things done, and to get things done with intending to hurt the people around

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