Quotes On Racism

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Quote 1: “The public defender, trying to get him off, called him a dumb animal,” I told her. “He said it would be like tying a hog down in that chair and executing him-an animal that didn’t know what any of it was all about. The jury, twelve white men good and true still sentenced him to death.” (26) My Response: This quote is significant because it is a representation that times have not changed. Even in today’s society racism is still controversial. Jefferson was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had been incriminated. That exact type of situation has happened numerous times these past few months. Black people are called monkeys and even back then they were still considered animals. Jefferson is not a hog, but the defender said otherwise, …show more content…

He wants Jefferson to stand up and walk to that electric chair with his head held high. Not only is it relevant to Jefferson’s situation but it relates to what has been happening recently with the black shootings. There is now a black versus white war stirring up again. Most of the white cops are killing blacks because they consider them to be minor in comparison. Not all people with ivory skin think that way but it does not stop those who do. As long as someone has ebony skin they will always be categorized in those demeaning stereotypes. Quote #4: You lie and you lie and you lie. When you tell yourself you feeling good when you sick, you lying. When you tell other people you feeling well when you feeling sick, you lying. You tell them that ’cause they have pain too, and you don’t want to add yours—and you lie. My Response: This quote really speaks to me because everyone can relate to it. Everyone lies, the reverend made that very clear but some people lie so much they hardly realize that they are doing it. Some lie so much that they even start to believe it. It is understandable that lying to someone can spare someone’s feelings but telling the truth does help as well. On the other hand, the truth can do more damage than a lie can. People pick and choose if they should bite the truth because it is all about causing as less pain as possible. Some things are just better left

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