Being Deaf Informative Speech

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Today I am going to talk about the condition of being deaf and I am going to go in depth and explain everything you need to know about this condition. Deafness is the inability to hear, and this condition can be caused by many things, but sometimes the causes are unknown. A child can become deaf, even before it's born due to several different reasons. This condition can be a hereditary condition, passed down from other family members, even with no sign of anyone else being hard of hearing or deaf. First let's talk about the prenatal causes of a baby being deaf. There are some complications during pregnancy that can cause this. Herpes, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, and rubella are all illnesses that a pregnant woman can have that will do this to the fetus. Some ototoxic medications are also harmful! The post-natal causes are being born prematurely and also, when born premature, babies are more prone to infections causing deafness. Lacking oxygen and severe cases of jaundice are also causes. In early childhood, kids can get this by a severe head injury or different infections. People over 65 make up about 1/3 of everyone with hearing loss. About 50% of cases are preventable. There is no one specific group of people that have a greater chance of becoming deaf than others. The biggest thing is to …show more content…

First and foremost is something we already discussed, but it's the use of hearing aids! Your audiologist will help you find what suits you best- no worries! Another thing to do is to keep your self-esteem high and respect others! Other people around you, unfortunately, can't relate with what your going through, so try to be understanding and respectful. Another thing is to go to social gatherings when you receive an invitation! Of course there will be a lot of conversation and probably music and other noises, but try to reframe from keeping yourself so isolated and get

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