Cochlear Implants Persuasive Essay

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Cochlear implants are a medical device that help a deaf person hear sound. I believe these implants are a great way to help deaf people experience sound. With this devise they can hold a conversation with a person of hearing. The deaf community could get even higher jobs then what they normally get. They can better understand the culture of hearing people as well as hearing better understanding the deaf people. Cochlear implants don’t take deafness away they only help to hear the world of sound. I personal want cochlear implants and hear is why you my family should consider allowing me to get them. This new medical intervention is a great way for deaf people to hear sound. The article Cochlear Implant Debate states “To create sound, …show more content…

They believe that once your born deaf you should stay deaf because that’s the way it should be. Getting a cochlear implant doesn’t detracted from being a part of the deaf culture when the person is taught his or her original culture. Hearing people think that not giving the implant to their child is child abuse. It is not child abuse it’s a personal choices, if the deaf community were not supposed to be deaf deafness would be nonexistent. There are two sides to that don’t understand one another’s reasoning for cochlear implants. The down fall of cochlear implants is the implants may not work for the patient receiving them. It’s not guaranteed they will work. There could be a chance of infection with the implants as well. Even when implanted it may only improve up to a point even with therapy. For older people the implants are less likely to work than for a child or new born. In conclusion cochlear implants are a great way to help a person hear. They don’t correct deafness they just allow hearing to be possible. They bring more opportunities in job options. Cochlear implants allow understanding and communications of both worlds. With implants it doesn’t take away from the persons cultures unless the parents allow it. Thank you for considering my view on why I want them, please consider and allow me to get the

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