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Inside Deaf Culture Inside deaf culture is a very strong book written by carol Padden and tom Humphries in this book authors have tried to give a tour of the most important moments that has shaped the Deaf culture. Book starts by showing how much power hearing people have had over the deaf population in the past and how they saw death people almost the same as criminals and also how they tried to get rid of them by placing them into asylums and intuitions and how this was a beginning of first schools for the deaf and how much power and control they had over the children under their care also there was a lot of rumors of how children were molested in these schools and because they…show more content…
According to the book in this time period some of the first deaf schools was opening in the United States by description this places were more like prisons than schools and I feel like the community was just trying to get rid of deaf people so they just made a place so they can keep them away from the rest of society they even compared a deaf person with a criminal and also almost treated them the same…show more content…
But yet again if the deaf community wasn’t going through this hard ship maybe today we wouldn’t have a deaf culture these events have been very important in the way that they have shaped deaf community’s is sad that small children were taken away from their families and society and had to be isolated in the past just because we couldn’t really understand deafness in the way we do today which we still have long way to go. But I think also the history between hearing and deaf people has been a learning experience for both sides and we are learning about each other which has shaped both sides mentality on the

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