Essay On Cochlear Implants

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The topic of cochlear implants is causing quite the argument between the deaf and medical community. The core of the disagreement centers around whether or not cochlear implantation should continue to be considered as an option for hearing impaired individuals to improve auditory ability.. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association a cochlear implant is “a device that provides direct electrical stimulation to the auditory (hearing) nerve in the inner ear.” Proponents of cochlear implants claim that hose who are born with or later experience a problem with the sensory nerve of the inner ear have the opportunity to gain the ability to hearHowever, many are now arguing that this device is not as useful or healthy for the human ear as it has been said to be. Those who oppose cochlear implantation, namely the deaf community, view it as a threat to the deaf community and its culture. At both sides of the argument, cochlear implants are a sensitive topic amongst the deaf community and those trying to further advancements on the cochlear implant device. The deaf community views the implants as a sense of false hope, false information and a long, disappointing …show more content…

Cochlear implants, their benefits and drawbacks are certainly a hot topic between the deaf community and the hearing world. The decision to undergo this procedure should be done with education and information regarding all benefits and implications form all sides. The two communities need to stop worrying about their personal positions on the topic and consider the effect their negative or positive behaviors is having on those who are making the life changing decision to go through with the procedure or not. The fact of the matter is that no matter what side supporters take, it is going to affect others and it is up to both sides of the argument to at least be informed and

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