Summary Of Train Go Sorry By Leah Cohen

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Train Go Sorry, written by Leah Cohen, is a look into the deaf world for a hearing person that grew up with deaf people. Cohen is a hearing children of deaf parents that attended Lexington School for the Deaf, where her father (Oscar) is the principle. The book is about growing up with the deaf community despite being a hearing person and how she was on both sides of the debate. That debate is whether or not the deaf community wants to adopt into the hearing world or be independent in the deaf world. “The Least Restrictive Environment,” or chapter four, talks about how the mainstream handled the deaf community and public education. This essay will be looking into the purpose of Public Law 94-142 and how it impacted the deaf community—for better or worse. …show more content…

53). Lawmakers focused on one part of the law that gave children the right to be taught within the general education curriculum. It grew into the idea of “least restrictive environment” and how lawmakers wanted to mainstream it. After months of arguments, the law was passed and was considered a victory for both the disability community and the civil rights movement. However, they considered removing special schools and placing all children together. That means that there is a threat towards schools for deaf and disabilities. Public school, unlike schools for the deaf, do not offer “the richness and nurturance of a deaf cultural environment” (pg. 56). Now, the majority of the deaf community feels like the public education never truly cared for

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