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A disability can make someone look at a "disabled" person in a specific way, even though they are just as capable as others of doing things. Some people don't realize the impact someone with a disability can have on the world because they are limited and criticized for their issues. People without disabilities can show what they have, and those with disabilities will never even get past the starting line because of people's biased views on disabilities. After listening to the Ted Talk by Keith Nolan, a private cadet, he established ethos, logos, and pathos through his educational speech on the deaf in the military. In the Ted Talk, Keith Nolan backs up his story with emotion, statistics, credible information, and real-life experience. …show more content…

He reached out to join ROTC and got accepted. He was completing all the schoolwork and physical requirements with his disability, even though they weren't all necessary. When it came down to the next step, he could not continue/pass due to a failure in his medical exam because he was deaf. Nolan's upper authority tried to help him but was even turned down due to "policy is policy," He is now in a battle with changing the military for those with disabilities who would like to join.
Keith Nolan describes early in his speech (ethos). Nolan can speak on and about this issue due to his experience of being deaf while trying to join the military. Due to his experience, he can now persuade the readers and audience by demonstrating credibility. Nolan shares three main facts to support his argument about the deaf joining the military. "The first being the Israeli defense openly accepts deaf soldiers. The second is the US Military has accommodations for retaining their disabled soldiers. Lastly, 80% of occupations in the military are non-combat (Nolan)". Then he asks the audience, "Now can we Deaf Americans serve our country? Yes! Of …show more content…

In his speech, he said, "I love military history, and I read a great deal on the subject.
I have various family members, such as my grandfather and a great uncle who fought in World
War II". These quotes show his connection with the military and how his heart wants to follow in his family's footsteps and path by letting the audience know these small things about Nolan, giving the audience more background on why he started the journey. Nolan mentions throughout his speech the consistent persistence and strength he has in satisfying all the physical requirements of his ROTC program. This tells the audience that Nolan wouldn't give up and would do everything he could to show he deserved a shot.
Lastly, Nolan has a lot of logos due to showing statistics, other evidence, and relevant examples to back his argument. In the speech, Nolan states, "During the Texas War of Independence, there was a key character named Deaf Smith, who made a large contribution to that war effort. Also, during the American Civil War, Gallaudet University archived a list of deaf soldiers in that war from the North and the South, showing deaf people fighting against each other". Nolan

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