Stimulated Hearing Loss Assignment Analysis

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Stimulated Hearing Loss Assignment
For my stimulated hearing loss assignment I went to four different locations, which included ODU’s Café, CVS, the movie theater, and my apartment. I attendant these places with two of my friends who were also wearing earplugs. While completing this assignment I used HEAROS ear plugs, which had a NRR of 32.
My first destination as an individual with a hearing loss was the Café. When the lady at the entrance took my ODU card and told me to have a nice day I realized right away that it was awkward to talk. When she gave my card back to me I said “thankyou”. When I said “thankyou” it felt like I couldn’t hear myself that well. So I wasn’t sure if I was talking really low or really high. After getting my card back I went in line to get two hot dogs and some fries. When I arrived at the line the guy who was serving the food said something but I wasn’t sure what. …show more content…

The experience that I had with the ear plugs when I was actually watching the movie was much better than the experiences I had earlier that day. There were actually several times when I forgot I had the ear plugs in my ear. I thought that throughout the night I would become more comfortable with talking while using the earplugs, but before I started watching the movie I had to ask for my ticket, and I was still hesitating to speak. By this time I started to realize that I was the only one bothered by my speech and everyone else seemed unbothered by it. So, I started to concentrate more when I spoke. I also started to speak louder, because earlier that day my friends told me that I was whispering. With that being said, I now feel like I can understand why many individuals with hearing losses talk louder than, slower than, and not as smoothly as individuals without a hearing loss. I feel like it’s because they can’t hear themselves as well when they talk. Therefore, they have to overcompensate and take more time when

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