Zaroff Monologue

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When I woke up I felt like a new person, yet there was something missing. Zaroff was gone and as far as I knew, there was nothing left to fear. I didn’t really know what to do next because I needed Zaroff to help me survive on this island and now he’s dead. I paced around for a little bit and then realized that I should probably eat. I went down the stairs to the kitchen and prepared some breakfast. After eating, I cleaned myself off and put on some fresh clothing from Zaroff’s closet. When I opened the front door, I could see the fear that lay in that forest. Flashbacks instantly came flooding through my head. Although I was glad to have gotten rid of that inhumane man, I still couldn’t believe that I had something to do with another person’s death. The idea of death …show more content…

I’m on an island that I’m not familiar with and if I don’t get my mind together, the things that lurk in the dark forest will soon take advantage of that! The time was around noon and I still didn’t have a plan. I knew for sure that I couldn’t stay on this cursed island, but at this point I didn’t have a better idea. After all I had been through to get here, I wasn’t even thinking about hunting the jaguars. All I had on my mind was that I needed to stay alive, and make sure that no one ever comes to this foredoomed island. I needed to make the issue of this island public, so that the lives of others are spared. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind; I knew that the only option for me was to go back to New York. I would need to find an abandoned boat somewhere along the island’s coast and use it to sail back to New York. Once in New York, I would need to tell someone who could help me block off the island to adventurers. This experience has also inspired me to write another best-selling adventure book when I get back. So, it was decided, I was heading for New York starting tomorrow at the break of

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