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  • Good And Evil In Things Fall Apart

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    In the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe writes Okonkwo, the main character, as a very complex person who carries both good and evil characteristics. From start to finish Okonkwo’s essential goal is to keep his Ibo culture and society as utopic as possible. The need to fulfill this responsibility leads to Okonkwo’s erratic behavior. The fear of becoming his father, the murder of Ikemefuna, and his suicide portray him as good and evil as he struggles to stay true to Ibo. From the beginning of

  • Technology As A Downfall In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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    Furthermore, about a month ago George wanted to teach Peter how to paint by taking out the picture painter. He also tried shutting down the nursery, and Peter and Wendy threw tantrums. . So technology as an obsession is not a good obsession to consume. When technology as a downfall is bad it can make some obsessed and hard to change back. As well as how Peter and Wendy were so obsessed into Africa if anything interceded to shut it off, they will go against it. They are willing

  • Theme Of Isolation In Laurie Anderson's Speak

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    This got in Melinda’s head and resulted in her feeling worse and she too, feared who she was. Melinda could not bear to see herself as she only saw an ugly person with many flaws. Melinda started to remove or cover any mirror she could. “The first thing to go is the mirror. It is screwed to the wall, so I cover it with a poster of Maya Angelou that the librarian gave me.” (50). Melinda was too disgusted to face herself. To try to forget and move on from being raped, she needed to avoid looking at

  • Child Abuse In Carl Sandburg's Grass

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    exposed by them in order for society to start taking action. Being forgetful and being oblivious are two very different things. Being forgetful means forgetting what was being thought about but, being oblivious means not having any knowledge about a certain something. In Carl Sandburg’s “Grass” the grass speaks his fear about the future passengers forgetting

  • Zaroff Monologue

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    I’m on an island that I’m not familiar with and if I don’t get my mind together, the things that lurk in the dark forest will soon take advantage of that! The time was around noon and I still didn’t have a plan. I knew for sure that I couldn’t stay on this cursed island, but at this point I didn’t have a better idea. After all I had been

  • Hodgkin Pharma Speech

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    have ears like a dog, I could hear Dr. Holman, flipping and raising X-rays charts into the light and saying “ IMPOSSIBLE , she’s so young.” More time goes by and finally Dr. holman walks in…….. “ Mrs. Alston, it's a good thing you brought your daughter in today, you had good instinct of knowing something was wrong with charity. Random weight loss , night sweating , and passing out are strong symptoms of something , but when you told us she was having chest pain , we needed to look deeper and

  • The Importance Of Banning Cell Phones In Schools

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    Buying materials for the classroom aren’t as cheap as it used to be from pens to pencils or even notebooks and calculators, phones can do the same thing any of these materials can do. Materials for school aren’t cheap anymore, that's why students should be able to bring their own phones to class and use them instead of charging the schools thousands of dollars to buy materials when that money could go towards the refurbishment of the school. Though cell phones are currently banned in many classrooms

  • Hobbs City Government: A Short Story

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    Today, we had a staff meeting which I asked the guys to reflect on whee we’d come in a year. A lot of good things have come about through working hard and being diligent. This whole email thing was merely a tiny speck in the scope of the day as we were contending with radio issues again, working to knock out the PD web quiz, finishing a project for Leo and getting ready for the new GIS Tech. The

  • Positive Thinking Examples

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    Positive Thinking William Channing once said, “Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” In the “Diary of Anne Frank”, Anne is going through hiding from german police and meanwhile, is stuck with her family and anothers. While in “”Dear Miss Breed” by Joanne Oppenheim, Louise Ogawa is writing about her tough times during the war. They both are able to stay positive which proves that having a positive attitude it the best way to respond to conflict

  • Personal Narrative Driving Over The Limit

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    Over the limit. It was a saturday night of my senior year in high school. The time was about 11:49. I was driving down county road 3120 also know as old St. james road. It 's late and I’m on my way to my friends house not really paying attention. When all of a sudden i notice a car creeping along the road, almost stopped as if it were a deer in headlights. I knew something was up, so I slowed down with the thought of deer crossing the road. As I got closer and had been lightly pressing the brakes

  • Domain Of Honesty

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    score of 51, 5. You are unconventional and some of your beliefs are far from being usual. Thus, you enjoy discussing about them in philosophical ways and you like hearing the views of others. In everyday life and concerning job perspectives, doing things according to a routine gives you a feeling of security and consistency, but you sometimes you like to seek out new opportunities to experience yourself. You can sometimes be creative and imaginative in your doing. Interestingly, there is a huge difference

  • Personal Narrative: A Career In The Workplace

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    anyone below the ladder to secure it. I was standing about twelve to fifteen feet painting the trim at the front of the house when its base started sliding back. In a fraction of a second, I was falling. A big event was happening and there was not a thing I could do about it. Gravity was ending my short stint as a painter. It was collapsing. It slid away from the house and fell in the driveway with me riding it down. Instantly, I knew it was happening. Realization was instinctive. Before I could shout

  • Catcher In The Rye Alienation

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    Strangeworth tries helping everyone see what is happening in the town but gets hurt in the end because of it. Trying to do what is right to our own belief can lead to others cause harm to us. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding Piggy tries his best to do good is hurt in the end. While trying to control the chaos of all the boys screaming Piggy yells that he “got the conch” in which Roger proceeds to kill Piggy over with a boulder (Golding). Piggy, trying to help others by trying to take control over the

  • Marching Band Leaders

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    Naturally all marching band sections are going to be arrogant and feel that they are the best. This arrogance at times is a good thing, because it is great to feel proud of the section that you are in, but at other times it is taken to far which leads to my point of the discrimination present. The two main cases of section discrimination I have witnessed while in the Sax section

  • A Wagner Matinee By Willa Cather

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    shes almost unrecognizable wearing "ill-fitting false teeth", he feels guilty for not treating her better. 2. What does the narrator think of his aunt and uncle's relationship? How do you know? It clearly shows in the story that they don't have a good relationship. Clark talks about his Aunt's life before marriage and how it was much more enjoyable than the current marriage life she has now. Some of the next questions ask about the theme of the story. Remember, theme is different from tone. Review

  • Should Phones Be Allowed In School Essay

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    you at all? Well I'll answer your questions if you're keep reading? If you want to try something new this is the best thing you could try to see kids grades, turning into A´s,B´s it could be amazing for kids teachers and principals? Although kids could cheat on worksheets, test or other things like that. Kids also could do a lot of inappropriate things also but phones are good at communication like telling a teacher what you need help with or if you have an emergency. Plus you have to call someone

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Playing Sports Benefits You?

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    benefits you. Some people say that competitive sports are not good because of cost, attitude and injury, Others say it prevents obesity, heart diseases, makes you healthier and happier. So is it good or bad. I have three reasons why it matters there is more but I will be talking about theses three. First it improves your health and prevents obesity or stem weight gain. Playing competitive sports makes you happy and if you are happy got get a good health and keeps your family healthy by being happy. The

  • War In 'My Brother Sam Is Dead'

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    world has been prospering from war for a long time. But, we do not always see the problems it causes. For instance, it tears families apart, it clashes generations, and finally it shows us principal versus reality. So, if war brings more bad things than good it defeats the purpose of even having a war in the first place. The authors of My Brother Sam is Dead also feels that war is pointless and unnecessary. War would be considered futile for many reasons including the fact that it splits families

  • A Descriptive Essay On Fishing

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    let it submerge in the water while you sat patiently until a fish fell into your trap. But for those who already understand fishing, it is more than just a bait and sitting patiently… there is more to that. How to Pick a Fishing Spot The very first thing to consider in fishing is to look for the perfect spot where you can fish freely, safely, and abundantly. No matter how patiently you

  • Personal Narrative: Sierra Lourdes Guitron's Life

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    inseparable! During high school, we were always with each other at lunch, before school and after school now things have changed a little since she joined the Air force, but we have remained close friends texting,