Essay On Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones In School

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Do you think kids should have cellphones in school? Yes, they do need cellphones in school. one main reason is that cellphones are good for education, safety, and emergencies. That are made for children and adults to use for everyday life. Cell Phones are good for research because if there is something to research in class they can do it so they can know what the meaning of something is or to research something for a homework assignment or a project. Many parents buy us cellphones because they want to prepare us for adulthood and responsibilities. Another thing, is that they are good for emergencies because you never know when there is going to be a shooting, stabbing, or kidnapping at school. Also, cellphones are good for safety because if you end up in a shooting at school you can immediately call 911. Kids can use phones in school while there are in class because if they forgot a calculator at home they can use their device and use the calculator on there. Kids can also call there parents if they forget something at there house that they need to bring to school. A Lot of our teachers in school don’t want us to use and have cell phones in school because it can create a big distraction to the teacher and the whole entire class. But …show more content…

Because of the things that helps us through everyday life and school. Not only is it good for school but it can be good for other things too. Like emergencies, and being safe when parents put Monitors on our phones, just so that we can protected by our parents everywhere we go. Although cell phones are used for other things the most important thing is the internet, emergencies, and calling our parents for when we need to be picked up at school or when we forget something that we need to bring to school. So that was my reasoning on why kids should have and use cellphones in

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