Should Students Be Allowed To Use Cell Phones In School Essay

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Should Cellphones be allowed to use in schools? Who doesn’t have cell phones these days? The great thing about cell phone these days is that everyone has one at their disposal. Cell phones these days aren’t used by people for texting or calling, its used as a multi-tool for different apps made by people. It is a technology that is available in your hands at any time. With this in mind, students should be allowed to use cellphones in school? I believe that students should not just be allowed to use cell phones, they should be required to use them. Cell phones nowadays don’t just allow students to stay- connected with their families, they are also an excellent learning resource, and they encourage the responsible use of technology. Pros To begin with, cell phones make it possible for students to stay connected …show more content…

As I have listed above in all of my arguments, cell phones can either help you or completely destroy you. In my opinion, this all depends on how responsibly the user is using the device. If someone is using it for bad deeds and they know it that’s going to destroy their lives. However, if someone is careful on how they use it it will make their lives and teach them to be more responsible. Furthermore, in my opinion, I would like to say that kids should be allowed phones in school. I have come to this conclusion because when I was in high school and didn’t have a phone, I couldn’t connect with my friends and family when I was in school. Usually, when I missed the bus I would have to walk home or ask one of my friends to lend me their phone. This experience made me realize the importance of cell phones in our modern lives these days. Therefore, cell phones are essential in this modern world. Everything we do now is dependent on a cell phone, so we should allow kids in schools all over the United States to have a cell phone at their

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