Essay On Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Schools

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“Over the twentieth century, researchers have found that cellular phones has become a part of the lives of billions of people and has grown into one of the most important technological advancement the world has ever noticed. They were first introduced on the July 17th, 1946 to the United Stated States of America and at that time scientists worked vigorously night and day to come up with means of making communication global and wireless” (Researchomatic, 2013-2015). However, despite the cell phone’s numerous beneficial factors, it also causes negative interferences in the classroom environment, even at the University level. Therefore, I do agree that cell phones should be banned in the classroom at a University level. The nature of this research …show more content…

If there was an emergency such as a fire and all the students who had their cellular phones with them in class decided to call the fire services, this will cause a major break down in the systems as they were not built to hold such high demands. Instead of reaching the innate destination, the calls will receive busy signals or messages saying that all circuits were busy. The best solution to an issue as this is too keep calm and allow all necessary actions to be taken by any applicable teacher. Another situation is that, The use of a cell phone by students in the presence of an actual explosive device, may present some risk for potential detonating the device as public safety officials advise school members to not use their phones during specific crises as the telephone systems will overload and they will be rendered to uselessness. (National School Safety, 1996 2015) Although, the discussion “if cellphone should be banned in the at a University level” continues to generate controversy, I highly believe that it should be banned as research has shown that it affects and disrupts the classroom educational environment as it promotes cheating, causes distractions to students and teachers, endorses cyberbullying, reduces classmate socialization, downgrades ones grammatical skills, spreads misinformation, leads to high risk of cell phone theft, contributes to the violation of privacy and overloads the emergency

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