The Importance Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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The rivalry between students who believe they should be able to use their cell phones in class and teachers who believe them to be disrespectful has caused a ripple effect that now bleeds through many classrooms roaring its controversial head. And here we are stuck in an ongoing battle seldom won by students. The position that students should not be able to misuse their cell phones in a classroom setting is one held by the author of “Today 's Lesson: Life in the Classroom Before Cellphones” Louise Katz, who believes that “those halcyon days” were over (Katz). Likewise, Zoya Kahn, the author of “Why Cell Phones Do Not Belong In The Classroom” has a similar stance on the topic, Kahn states that “it is in everyone’s interest for instructors to institute policies that require students to turn off cell phones during class” (197). Although students may be used to the never-ending attachment to their cell phones, they should be able to put away these devices during class time to show respect, potentially improve their grades, and maybe earn extra credit. For some instructors, having a student check their phone during class is a disruptive and disrespectful behavior. In Kahn’s article she states, “the primary goal of a university is to create a respectful learning environment and that cell phone use during class undercuts this goal” (197). Although students should, to the best of their abilities, respect the teacher’s policies in hopes of respecting the instructor and the
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