Proposition 57: Argumentative Analysis

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Yes on Proposition 57 When Robert Gonzalez was 17 years old, he was charged as an adult because the public defender said his actions were an”adult-like crime”. Robert Gonzalez was the “wheel-man” during a robbery. The sentenced Mr.Gonzalez got a sentence of 20 years with 4 months. Proposition 57 is mainly for the juveniles that are getting a second chance to go to rehab and to get better. Proposition 57 is trying to get passed because there are too many people that are getting put into prisons for reasons that can be solved another way. This proposition is wanting to allow non-violent criminals to get out of jail once their primary offense is done. Proposition 57 wants to get rid of prisoners that can get more help outside of prison. However, this proposition is not a get-out-of-jail free card. Doug Porter claims in the article, yes on prop 57, that “In the end, it was ballot measure passed by California voters in 2014 that eased crowding below the threshold set my federal courts in 2009. This proposition started because of the crowding in the prisons. Crowding of the prisons is a big issue because it calls for more …show more content…

However, this is not true because according to Angelus Staff, he says that , “Credit would be taken away for bad behavior.” This shows that the guards know what is considered good behavior and bad behavior.Also, the people that go against this proposition have said that the judges don’t care to get into detail about this issue. Karen Gonzalez, the mother of Robert Gonzalez, says, “Judges would conduct fitness hearings in order to determine whether the case should be kept in criminal court, and would consider things like the young person’s amenability to rehabilitation.” This is to support the judge's decision and to also help him to make his or her

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