Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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Most kids want to transport their phones to school. A common thing kids say is “ The teacher allows it though.’’ Students and some teachers don’t know that cell phones in the classroom is unsatisfactory. Reasons for this are, it is a distraction, can be disguised as a gun, and can be used for cheating. Students should definitely not bring their phones to school. On account for distraction to prevent other students from doing their work, can access links to harmful websites and can be disguised as a gun, and is the number one reason for cheating. Phones shouldn’t be used in school. First of all, cellphones are detrimental because it distracts other students and classmates. The pew research says, “ ...Sixty five percent of students sneak their phones in school, and are distracted by it.” This means that other students are losing focus while trying to learn. Teachers also have a hard time teaching when a cell phone is constantly interrupting the class. The effect of this are students and teachers will not be able to continue on working lesson plans. The Results of this is kids falling behind on subjects and performing worse than schools who ban phones. Many things don’t go vigorous or as planned because phones constantly go off during class. Another reason, phones should be prohibited at school is that they are extremely harmful and dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency says, “... Can be disguised as a gun and used to look up harmful websites.’’ This leads to a

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