Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Schools Analysis

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Technology Mixes with Education A common topic of discussion over the past couple years is whether or not cell phones should be allowed in schools. In our time of technology, the debate has now changed to whether or not students may use them during the day, and the punishments for disobeying the schools’ rules over cell phone use. According to the author of “Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?” cell phones should not be permitted in schools. After reading this article, I found many flaws to the author’s way of approaching the essay topic; she was insufficient when writing her opinion on the topic. A point made by the author states, “There are teachers so dumb that they think the looks of grizzled concentration from the students are because of the lesson and not because they are playing Farmville.” The straw man logical fallacy is represented here because the author switches the argument to how teachers are stupid, rather than explaining why the phones are the problem. The author brings up how the teachers are dumb more than once in the essay. This is also a hasty generalization. There is no fact to support the argument and she groups all teachers together. To avoid these issues, the author should have focused on the topic and have stayed away from talking about teachers …show more content…

‘If’ is a word used when an event hasn’t actually happened, but to make a point, an author will use it to prove his/her argument to be correct. The author also loses credibility when she uses words like ‘my friends’ and ‘classmates’ instead of using specific examples. This is considered a hasty generalization because it doesn’t give enough fact or information. To avoid this problem, the author should have been careful to stick to fact and use examples with exact

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