Should Phones Be Allowed In School

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Why Phones Should be Allowed at Schools.

Would phones be better for the economy when used in classes? What about the effect on the community? Or the effect it could have on kids using the internet? As the percentage of teens who have a smartphone grows, so does the demand for them not to be allowed in school, as they can serve as a distraction that keeps kids from working. Although, phones may be a distraction in class, they should be allowed in the classroom, because, they can be used as a replacement for calculators and other semi-expensive utilities, they can replace pencil and paper for taking notes, and can be used to access the internet for projects like this. Cell phones should be allowed in the classroom, because they can replace the semi-expensive calculators and other utilities that schools are buying. The National Education Association reported that: ¨According to data compiled by the research firm Nielsen, 58 percent of American children from 13- to 17-years-old owned a smartphone as of July 2012.¨ As that evidence shows, in 2012, more than half of middle school to high school kids have a cell phone, and that would mean they have the calculator app that comes pre-installed on your phone. Calculators that are approved for high school math classes as of February 6th, 2018, cost around $85 dollars, and with about 25-30 kids in one math class, that equals around $2550, not including tax. With the education standards as they are now, which is 4 math classes per high

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