Kids Should Have Phones In Middle School

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Kids should get their own phone once they are in the 6th grade. Sixth grade is the start of middle school and middle school is in between elementary and high school. That's when kids start to mature and become more responsible from middle school to high school. When I was in 6th grade I biked home from school and one day my tier broke and I didn’t have a phone to tell my parents. Then my parents thought it would be good for me to get a phone. In middle school there are more activities and sports to do, which means they might need a phone to communicate. And as they go into high school those activities become more important so having a phone in 6th grade will give them practice to use it in high school. Like I said in middle school activities become more important. Since activities become more important in middle school, than kids should get a phone at the beginning of it, 6th grade. Some of the activities include sports. Sports are great for kids, but sometimes they can be canceled or cut short, and that's why they should have a phone to tell someone. One other thing is that in emergency situations they can tell you if they are okay. Depending on where you live storms can be a problem at school and your kid should …show more content…

A lot of kids make friends in 6th grade and they ask for each other's phone numbers, but if your child doesn't have a phone they they cant. One of the biggest things for kids on there phones is social media. Social media like instagram or snapchat, keeps kids connected and see what other people are doing. These apps allow kids to make friends online, if they do not have friends. In the start of middle school or 6th grade, it is a new start for kids to make their friends, and having a phone can allow them to make and stay connected to their friends. Staying connected with friends with their phones in 6th grade is a good place to start with a

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