Essay On Should Students Be Allowed To Have Cell Phones In School

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Should students be allowed to have cellphones in school? Would cellphones affect your test performance or would they be a lifesaver in emergencies. I believe cell phones should not be in schools. Cell phones are a distraction, they also affect your test performance and your memory. Cell phones are a distraction for students. Reasons include phones are ringing in classrooms, students are not paying attention in school, and students are texting in class. Students doing this make the teacher teaching for no reason. First, cell phones ringing, cell phones are a distractions in class. Bring, Bring, Bring! Don’t you know that annoying noise, if kids wouldn’t have phones in school their would be no ringing of phones. “If a kids phone rang it …show more content…

There is evidence that students should have cellphones in school because of emergencies. "Allowing students to use cellphones in the classroom for research and tasks provides an opportunity for them to explore resources that might not be available otherwise," says Evans. Cell phones in school can be good for gathering evidence. Cell phones could save someone for forgetting their computer at home ( Loop). Next, cell phones can be a lifesaver for emergencies in school. It is argued that they require cell phones in order to keep in contact with their parents in case of emergencies (Tillerman). Some schools let kids have cellphones in school just in case an emergency does happen. However, there is much more evidence about cellphones not being in schools than they should be. Cell phones in school also increase the chances of theft. There is more theft now in schools because of cell phones. If students did not have cellphones in school there would be no theft of phones. Cell phones in school could impact the amount of stealing in schools. Kids could just keep their phone in a bag, and then it could get stolen easily (“Should Cellphones be Allowed in Schools”). This shows cellphones do not need to be in schools, they could be stolen and be used for the wrong

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