Should Students Use Cell Phones In School?

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Have you ever considered using a cell phone in school? Many people recognize cell phones as toys. There are many different types of phones in the world today. Most modern day adults believe that their kids should not abstain the usage of cell phones. Cell phones were designed way far back that there are probably over seven hundred phones in the world! That is super crazy, right? Sometimes people have to believe have that these cellular devices can also be a distraction to your fellow pears. Cell phones can provide opportunities to exceed in school. In the same way, humans use phones for games and Snapshot, Instagram, and many more apps to use when they are bored. In some way, some adults think that kids who have cell phones are camaraderie. Do you believe that phones are a distraction or great for student activity/ help? Students should be using phones in the classroom because they can help children in so many Have you ever wondered why cell phones are not allowed in your school district? Clearly, many students or adults have! Cellphones can allow kids that have medical history, and have an …show more content…

While you and your fellow pears are in your instruction time, your guys could look up examples. Most schools across the United States own cellular devices. Most children are sympathetic towards cell phones. Many schools have computers, laptops, tablets, and many more devices to help children. Most of time children sneak phones because they might not know the answers to the work. In my opinion, I believe that students need to be allowed to have phones during school because some students lack common knowledge and if that specific student could download an online tutor, they could learn new ways to improve their lack of knowledge. So, phones can make a huge growth in children academic

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