The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In Schools

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More than 40% of teens are using their phones during school hours even though phone usage is prohibited. Of those teens, 43% are texting during class. Of those texting, a little under half of them are texting other students, in the same class, just a few feet away. Additionally, 66% of parents text their child while they are at school. Although schools impose consequences to discourage phones in school, they don 't always work, so the pattern just starts over again where teens are using phones during school hours. Even though phones can be used as learning tools, cell phones should not be allowed in classes during school hours without permission of a teacher because they can be a tool for cheating, an educational disruption, and a platform for teen bullying.
Without close supervision, phones in the classroom are being used as a tool for cheating. In a recent article by Zach Miner, he states that a survey found 75% of parents believe students use their phones to cheat in school, but only 3% of those parents think their child uses it to cheat. From the same article, he stated that more than one-third of teens have admitted to using their phone to cheat on a test. The cheating occurs by …show more content…

Cell phones are often used as an effective learning tool. According to Kathy Boccella, teachers have found different ways to quiz their students. For example, the app Kahoot, provides a fun way that a smartphone has allowed teachers to quiz the students in a nontraditional way (2017). In addition, according to Kelley Beaucar, teachers have found new apps for many student needs such as to work together on projects, setting up polls, or providing teacher help (2014). While phones can be used as a learning tool allowing students to use them in a school environment opens the door for students to get distracted by them, use them to cheat, or use them to

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