Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School Essay

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It has come to my concern that the Oak Hills school is considering lifting the strict no cell phone policy at school. Many people say that cell phones can be used as a teaching tool and that students need to use them correctly. I think cell phones should be banned from school because not all the students have cell phones, they can be used inappropriately, and they are negatively affecting student’s grades. Not every one of the students at Oak Hills have cell phones. In fact, several students at Oak Hills do not have cell phones. To add on to this, cell phones will be used inappropriately in class. Finally, cell phones aren’t even helping students with their grades. Many people think cell phones can be used as a teaching tool, but are they really? …show more content…

Cell phones are very addictive to almost everyone. Imagine this: you are a student in class doing social studies. On one side of you is your work, that needs to be done by the end of class. On the other side of you is your cell phone, blowing up with texts from your best friend. So what would you do? Well, no matter what you said, it is almost guaranteed that at least one student will choose to be on their phone. To add to that, cyberbullying is all over the Internet. By allowing cell phones in the class, it is another reason for cyberbullying at school. One website called (scholastic.com) stated that 42% of kids have been bullied online. Out of this group, 1 in 4 have been bullied more than once. Obviously, you do not want cyberbullying at school, so please consider this while you make your decision. Lastly, cheating can be done. At (onlineschoolscenter.com) researchers concluded that 73% of test takers believe that every student cheats at least once in their academic career. Perhaps a student will text another student to tell them to text them the answer. Feeling conflicted, the student will text the answers back. Then they can delete the texts from earlier that day. So, cell phones can be used inappropriately, even at

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